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About Us

Let Ned's Fitness Supplies help you get into the best shape of your life! At our store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we believe in educating our customers about fitness and exercise equipment so they can make informed choices.

Quality You Can Count On

Ned's Fitness Supplies has high quality products that really work. Not only do you get the largest variety of fitness products under one roof, at Ned's you also get educated by our friendly knowledgeable staff. We never push inferior products just because the profit margin is better. In fact, we use all our own products so you can get firsthand feedback on what's effective and what isn't.

Our Owner

Ned started in the fitness industry in 1985 as a personal trainer and diet and supplement consultant at a local gym. Soon after the gym went out of business, Ned started his own store. A competitive bodybuilder at the time, Ned filled his store with difficult-to-find products and supplements that bodybuilders use. Attention was given to other aspects of fitness as well.
Ned's Achievements Include:
  • B.S.B.A Duquesne University
  • Overall Champion, West Virginia Cup Novice Division
  • Overall Champion, Three Rivers Bodybuilding Championship
  • Consistent Top Five Placing in the Mr. Pittsburgh Champ
  • High Placing in Natural Bodybuilding Competition
  • Black Belt in Judo
  • Four-Time Pennsylvania State Champ Masters Judo Competition
  • First Place at Keystone State Games Masters Judo Competition
  • Consistent High Placing in Other Many Judo Tournaments
Ned and Flex Whoeler
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